Many children and teenagers suffer from mental health difficulties whilst many more have less severe emotional problems such as depression, anxiety and behavioural problems which can affect the way they develop, learn and make relationships.

If left untreated these difficulties can impact on a child’s development potentially leading to emotional and behavioural problems in later life. They can also be linked with educational underachievement, unemployment, teenage pregnancy and substance misuse.

A psychodynamic Child and Adolescent counsellor offers a space for a child, teenager or young person to communicate through play and behaviour what they are feeling and experiencing and are able to put into words what that child may be feeling.

Young children do not usually talk directly about difficult feelings but may communicate through play using the toys provided. Older children may also play and draw whilst teenagers may be more able to talk about their feelings.



How it works...

Children, teenagers and young people with emotional or mental health difficulties may respond to people and situations in ways they do not understand and cannot control. Their emotions can be very powerful and are often expressed through their behaviour, which can cause distress to themselves as well as those around them.

With young children, the counsellor will encourage the child to play with the toys, sand and draw or paint. This allows the child to express their feelings through the playing or drawing so the therapist can talk with them while they play and help them to work through the difficulties being played out.

Through the relationship with the counsellor, in a consistent and regular setting, the child, teenager or young person may begin to feel able to gradually put confused, frightened, angry or painful feelings into words rather than actions. The child, teenager or young person may begin to feel less anxious, more able to learn and better equipped to sustain friendships and other relationships.


Talking to one of our child and adolescent counsellors...

If you are unsure whether it could be helpful for your child or teenager to talk to one of our counsellors, do get in touch. One of our child and adolescent counsellors will be happy to talk to you about the difficulties you are experiencing so you can decide if you would like to make an initial appointment to see her.

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