Relationships play such an important part in our lives. Being in a relationship with another human being, in whatever form, can make us feel loved and supported and help and guide us through life. We can also feel the desire to give the same to others when we care deeply about someone.

A relationship with a partner is one of the closest relationships we are likely to have and if it has become strained and communication has become difficult it can have a detrimental effect on how we feel about ourselves and on our happiness.

Individual therapy can help us to understand the role we play in the dynamic in our relationships with our partner and with others we may have relationships with, and to think about what we expect from them and what we imagine they may expect from us. Thinking about our earliest relationships growing up with our parents and family can help us to understand how we make relationships with others, how we deal with relationship difficulties and why we are attracted to the partners and the friendships we seem to be drawn toward. We may discover a pattern in our relationships of which we were unaware and this insight and self knowledge can help us to understand ourselves and make some changes.

If you are struggling with your relationship and feel that your arguments seem to go around in circles and nothing seems to get resolved or perhaps you struggle to express how you feel to people who are important to you, it might be worth thinking about coming to see a couple or relationship therapist. It can help to make sense of why conflicts cannot be resolved and why communication has become difficult and enable a different way of approaching problems together -

For couple counselling please see our Couple Therapy page for more information on the couple and relationship therapy we can offer at the Stephenson Centre.