Feeling as though you are not good enough, or that you don't have the confidence to live life more fully doing the things you want to do, can feel restricting, frustrating and leave the sufferer feeling out of control of their life and powerless.

Life may feel as though it is a performance and we have adapted ourselves to play the part of someone who we feel is more acceptable to the world which is not us. This leaves us feeling that the person we really are is just not good enough and we’re having to hide behind a false front - this can become difficult to sustain and can result in anxiety and depressive feelings.

By exploring how you see yourself in relation to others and the world and understanding how and why you have found yourself in this repeating role, can feel enlightening and empowering. It may be we need to understand our early experiences in order to make sense as to why we feel the need to always be adapting ourself into someone whom we perceive is more acceptable to others without any evidence to suggest this is real.

Working with a counsellor or psychotherapist who values and respects you can feel like you are acceptable and enable a new perspective and a new, more real, role in life.

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