Art Psychotherapy is a creative process that uses a combination of talking and image making as a way of expression and communication.

Expressing yourself creatively by engaging in this non-verbal process can help to resolve issues and aid awareness, growth and change.

No art skills are required, you absolutely do not need to be an artist or have any artistic skills. The work you make is seen purely as an expression of your feelings and never in terms of artistic ‘talent’ or ‘skill’. It is not about the end result, rather the process.

Art Therapy. Art Therapy paints pic

The making of art and being creative is healing. A variety of art materials are available including pastels, charcoal, paints and clay, as well as found objects, photography, writing or music.

At the Stephenson Centre we are pleased to be able to offer art therapy with experienced art psychotherapist, Sophie Munro.

If you would like to know more - please contact our Therapy Services Manager at the Stephenson Centre who can put you in touch with Sophie Munro, Art Psychotherapist who will be happy to discuss how this form of therapy can help you.