Our range of fees reflect the experience of our therapists.

We can offer low cost therapy sessions with our carefully selected trainee counsellors for £15 per session

Trainee counsellors

In order to ensure we can offer low cost counselling to those who need it, each year we carefully select trainee / student counsellors from the university to work with us on clinical placement. It is a requirement of their training organisation for them to see individuals as part of their qualifying and they are able to undertake this work with us here at the Stephenson Centre where they are given support and clinical supervision on a regular basis. The fee to see a trainee counsellor is £15 per session.

If you choose to see one of our trainees, you will first be invited to an initial appointment by a qualified therapist to ensure the trainee is able to provide adequate support to you – the fee for this is also £15.

Our scale of fees


  • trainee / student counsellors - £15 per session

  • newly qualified therapists - £30 - £35 per session

  • experienced therapists - £45 - £55 per session

  • highly experienced therapists - £60 - £80 per session

  • couple therapy - £65 - £80 depending on the experience of the therapist

  • child and adolescent therapy - £50 per session

  • family therapy - £75 per session